Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My new show...

I'm back on the blog...for anyone who reads these.

For those that don't know, HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA is a new series on HBO. I'm feel'in this show! It's about two guys in NY on their grind trying to make their dream a reality. I can relate to both of the main characters on so many levels...it's crazy. The show is all about their hustle. Not only does it remind me of myself, but their fictional story is similar to that of the real stories of the individuals in the I AM A DREAM CHASER documentary. The doc is on point! After a shoot we had recently, it really hit me hard that we have something special here. I've kept pushing to get it shot and now we're about to wrap soon!

So whatever your passion, go after it. And catch the show if you get a chance.

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