Sunday, October 25, 2009

Horror Film

The documentary is coming together well. I have several great interviews lined up that we're knocking out. But taking a break from doc news... Since it's close to Halloween, I wanted to post this trailer for the movie "Paranormal Activity". It looks good. Getting a lot of hype. Has anyone seen it yet?

Now for all the people interested in making horror films (I have some cool horror concepts myself), look at this 1964 interview from one of the masters of it fright...Alfred Hitchcock. He's sharing some knowledge. A little film school for ya.

More Interviews!

We finished up a couple more interviews for "I Am A Dream Chaser" documentary. Inspiring stuff! We got the opportunity to talk with celebrity photographer Derek Blanks. His client roster is full of celebrity names. He's a talented artist who's blowing up! Check his site

Director of Photography Bryan Simmons working camera during Derek Blanks Interview

Director Darrick Patterson interviewing Derek Blanks

We also recently interviewed Director Rob Hardy of Rainforest Films. We conducted his interview at the "STOMP THE YARD 2" offices in Atlanta. Rob is a successful talented director that keeps the projects coming out. Shout out to his partner Will Packer. The two of them are doing their thing in the movie Biz. These young guys hold the blue print. Check out what they've done at

Props from the 1st "STOMP THE YARD" movie

Director Darrick Patterson and Director Rob Hardy after Rob's Interview for the documentary.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Positive Thinking

I'm excited about all the great footage we have so far for the documentary. But putting a doc together can be challenging. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep your eye on the big picture when different issues arise. Check out the following video with Will Smith. I happened to come across this on the Double 7 Film blog site. These positive words are spot on...and gave me a little push. And who better to say these things than Will Smith. You have to admit, the man has accomplished big things in different areas.