Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Video Blog

Check out "Running Behind The Scenes" Video Blog #2 for the documentary film "I Am A Dream Chaser"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Music for Doc

The other night I met with Dee and IG to work on the theme song for the documentary. It was a late night. IG came up with a Crazy HOT track that has a futuristic movie feel to it. And Dee started writing the perfect lyrics that are really spot on with the concept of the film. Both of them are talented. I'm excited to hear the finished song. After a couple more sessions, it should be complete. Thats Whats UP!

Be on the look out for "Running Behind the Scenes" Video Blog #2 to see them at work developing the song. Coming soon.

I feel music really plays an important part in filmmaking. It enhances the visuals and helps create the ideal mood. The right music can elevate a scene to the next level. My first love was music...grew up playing the drums and DJing a little. So I have a real appreciation for music... and a pretty good ear too. Anybody that really knows me knows I'm all about the Arts

Speaking of Music and Visuals, check out this new music video by Fabolous featuring Jay Z "When the Money Goes". The track is ok. But I'm lovin the black and white images...has a movie feel to it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

"Good Hair" Trailer

I think I come up with some of my most creative ideas at night. I can really vibe on things when it's late and it's just me and my thoughts. So... I'm up late doing the filmmaker thang...watching footage, mapping out this documentary and on the computer, when I come across this trailer for Chris Rock's new documentary "GOOD HAIR". It seems kind of funny and interesting. I've got little girls, so it made me stop and think for a second. Check it out

Jay Z New Album Cover

This is Jay Z's new album cover for The Blueprint 3 coming out in September. It caught my eye. I think it's some cool art... tight.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Doc is on point!

Director Darrick Patterson

Another interesting day in the world of filmmaking. You never know what's going to happen. Yesterday, I was loading up materials for the shoot in my truck and about to leave the house when I saw a damn snake in the garage. A huge snake in the garage! I was already running behind but I had to stop and grab a shovel to EXECUTE the intruder. I've got kids so the snake had to go! It was time for battle... I won. Then when I arrived at the shoot, I realized one of our key crew members was missing. Maybe she had a snake in the garage too. But we had to go ahead and start. So no matter what challenges come your way in independent filmmaking, you have to remember the production must go on!

We've been getting some great footage for the documentary so far. Just wrapped up another successful shoot over at City of Ink. A couple more shoots with them and that portion of the film will be complete. The film is starting to come to life. It's funny how you have one idea for the project, but once you start shooting it takes it's on form. You have to just be flexible and see where the story takes you...while staying true to the initial topic. I can already see us making changes as the stories unfold and develop. It's the art of filmmaking. But it is turning into a very special project. We've got our hands on something HOT! It has great energy and has the potential to be powerful, inspiring and entertaining. We have some excellent people lined up to interview. LETS GO