Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Music for Doc

The other night I met with Dee and IG to work on the theme song for the documentary. It was a late night. IG came up with a Crazy HOT track that has a futuristic movie feel to it. And Dee started writing the perfect lyrics that are really spot on with the concept of the film. Both of them are talented. I'm excited to hear the finished song. After a couple more sessions, it should be complete. Thats Whats UP!

Be on the look out for "Running Behind the Scenes" Video Blog #2 to see them at work developing the song. Coming soon.

I feel music really plays an important part in filmmaking. It enhances the visuals and helps create the ideal mood. The right music can elevate a scene to the next level. My first love was music...grew up playing the drums and DJing a little. So I have a real appreciation for music... and a pretty good ear too. Anybody that really knows me knows I'm all about the Arts

Speaking of Music and Visuals, check out this new music video by Fabolous featuring Jay Z "When the Money Goes". The track is ok. But I'm lovin the black and white images...has a movie feel to it.

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  1. That is so cool! This is a great look into the world of music making, something that I think few know anything about. We just hear the finished song on the radio and never know the work that goes into it. I cant wait to hear the final song. From the looks of it, it sounds like a hit!!